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Abundant Resources: Nigeria has enormous resources, most of which are yet to be fully exploited. These include abundant land, mineral, agricultural and human resources.

Large Market: Nigeria offers the largest market in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a population of over 170 million people; and a Nigerian market potential stretching far into the West African Sub-region.

Political Stability: Nigeria offers stable political environment; under democratic governance.

Free Market Economy: Government has created a favourable climate for business and industrial ventures. Administrative & bureaucratic procedures are being continuously streamlined and Govt has put in place policies and programmes that guarantee free market economy.

Robust Private Sector: Nigeria has a dynamic private sector, with assurances and willingness to assume increased responsibilities under the new economic environment.

Free Flow of Investment: Exchange control regulations have been liberalized to ensure free flow of international finance. There is now unrestricted movement of investment capital.

Attractive Incentives: Comprehensive package of incentives in place to attract investment.

Fast Growing Financial Sector: There is well-developed banking and financial sector and a prospective and credible investor would undoubtedly have easy access to working capital and other credit facilities.

Skilled and Low Cost Labour: There is abundant skilled labour at economic cost and which currently stand among the lowest in Africa.

Infrastructure: Rapid development of physical and industrial infrastructure in terms of housing, roads, transportation, communications, electricity and water supply.